Understanding the Terms in Baccarat Online Casino Games

Online casino games will always be the strongest attraction for most bettors. The proof is now there are many bettors who always play online gambling games on this one.

The reason is that in it later bettor will always be provided with many choices of types of games. Namely, there are baccarat games, blackjack, slots, keno, sicbo, roulette, and more. And one of the most preferred types of online casino games for many bettors nowadays is baccarat.

Baccarat online casino game is a game with rules of play that is very easy and simple. A bettor in playing it later just enough to make the possibility. Or guess about the course of the game.

So the bettor has to guess which position will be able to win the online casino baccarat game. This means by only relying on luck and the best feeling. Obviously you will be able to play until you win the game.

Some Terms in the Online Casino Game Baccarat

For you novice players who want to more easily play baccarat online casino games. Admin will explain to you information about the terms in this one game. Of course, there are many terms that you need to understand in baccarat online casino games. These include the following:


There are indeed many terms in the online casino game baccarat. So you should not underestimate this game. Although the rules in playing it clearly are very easy.

Of course, if you play it never understands the terms of the terms that are in it. This will make it difficult for you to play and win. So you should be able to understand the terms in the online casino game baccarat. For the first term, you need to understand is the banker.

Banker means dealer. So if you play baccarat online casino games later by choosing a banker bet. From here you mean making it possible if the banker will be able to win the game. With a banker who will get the highest card combination value in the online baccarat casino game.


The term player in a baccarat online casino game is certainly not much different from the term banker. Player can clearly be interpreted as a player. So especially you who later play this game by determining the player’s bet. It means you have already made a guess if in the course of the online casino game baccarat will be won by the player. Ie the player who will be able to get a combination of cards with the highest value.


Another term in the baccarat online casino game that you must understand is tie. This tie is still a matter of the type of bet already provided therein.

If you later play by selecting a tie bet. Means you make guesses if both positions ie banker and player will draw or draw. This means that the banker and the player in playing online casino games say that they get cards with the same value.

Banker Hand

Banker’s hand is also included as one of the terms in the baccarat online casino game. The meaning is if you have a scratch card with a value of 7 or more. The banker will take the “stand” option and will not add a third card.

Conversely, if you get a card with an initial value of 3 to 6. The banker will take a third card. If a player or banker bet receives a total value of 8 or 9. Cards this is clearly said to be a “natural” card and no other cards will be dealt.

Player Hand

If the player gets an initial card value of 6 or more. Obviously this player will later take the “stand” option and will not take a third card. Meanwhile, if the initial card value is small. Then the player will certainly increase the hand card.

If you want it can be much easier to play and win baccarat online casino games. You can understand all the terms that the admin has explained. That term gives you convenience during play.

Calculation Steps in Playing Baccarat

For bets placed on the Player or Banker’s place will get a winning fee of 1: 1. On some online casino sites for Banker bets sometimes there are those who charge 5% to become a banker fee so a bet of Rp 100,000, – if you win will receive Rp 95,000, -.

For bets placed on Tie’s place and in fact won. So the value of the payment received is 1: 8 of the value of the bet. Bets are placed on the Bankers. Or Player’s place and when the value comes out is Tie. So that bet will be returned to the player.

Bet on a pair, either Player Pair or Banker Pair each has a payout of 1: 11 of the bet value. The pairing place which is considered official in playing baccarat is the pairing place on the first two cards only. Pairs that are created when the 3rd card is not viewed.

Bets on Fortune Six are bets that guess Banker cards will be worth 6. A right guess will give a 1: 22 win from the value of the bet. It needs to be seen if the Fortune Six game is not always on every baccarat table or in a trusted online casino.